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Fun Time Friday Bowling

The Invincibles team trooped merrily along for their latest, monthly paid treat on Friday 4th November.

This month’s treat was another sporting test of mettle but this time, the bowling alley became the battle ground.

As usual, good banter and even better skills were the order of the day and the teams fought hard to take the crown.

Ultimately, the following intrepid bowlers managed to secure victory for their team and as you can see from their job titles, it is clear that here at Invincibles Studio, as in the wider world, variety is indeed the spice of life!

Chris Gore (CEO)
Bex Robinson (3D Animator)
Adam Bate (Developer)
Alex Shaw (Project Manager)

The individual winner, with the highest score of the whole group, was Iain Hepburn (Football Researcher).

It’s safe to say that the team enjoyed the day.
The next treat is a bonus on with the screening of England Vs Iran in the office with the essential beer and pizza as welcome accompaniments!

Name a better place to work!