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SM 23 Launch

The wait is finally over as Invincibles Studio releases the latest iteration  of its flagship series, Soccer Manager 2023. 

Hugely anticipated by its loyal fans, Soccer Manager 2023 is particularly exciting; a range of new features and high profile professional partnerships ensure that the game is the very best it can be.

As well as boasting the coveted FIFPRO licence, the company is also very proud to be officially partnering with the DFL, which includes holding worldwide Bundesliga rights. In addition, partnerships with Inter Milan and Wolverhampton Wanderers continue to grow from strength to strength.

Returning for the third year as our Global Ambassador, Mikel Arteta continues to support the game and the studio couldn’t be more proud of the relationship they have developed with Mikel and his team. Strategic Partnerships Manager here at the Studio, Kevin Kirwan said: “It has been a pleasure, as always, to deal with Mikel and the team around him. We are excited to work with him more closely in the coming months”.

Soccer Manager 2023 comes as an accumulation of months and years of hard work from everyone at the studio and all involved in the game are incredibly proud to be so. 

It is essential that each iteration of the game is better than the last and this year’s game is exactly that; after downloading  Soccer Manager 2023, gamers can look forward to the “Create a Club” mode as well as the enjoyment of live transfer bids, which will mean that players can make their deals in real time.

We won’t reveal any more…download the game now to get involved!

The Invincibles team have worked incredibly hard, often through the night to ensure the game’s timely release and our co-founder and CEO, Chris Gore is incredibly proud of everyone involved.

He said: “This game is the best yet of the Soccer Manager Series and I would like to thank the incredible, dedicated and loyal team here at Invincibles Studio. The company continues to grow from strength to strength and SM23 is a testimony to a year’s worth of hard work and consistency”.

The game is available now on both Android and iOS…what are you waiting for?