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Charity Football Team

Friday 20th May was a very special day for the Invincibles Studio football team. They travelled to Liverpool to compete in the first ever Power League Northern Masters to raise money for SpecialEffect, a charity that is helping anyone with disabilities to “enjoy video games for fun, inclusion and rehabilitation”.

SpecialEffect is a unique organisation; they not only loan the equipment needed by people with disabilities to enjoy the games they love, but they also invest the time required to support them to get the very best from their gaming experience.

As you can imagine, this is a charity the studio are beyond proud to support.

The Northern Masters was a special way to celebrate fifteen years of this fantastic charity and the funds raised on this day will go towards helping many more gamers who need it.

Team Invincibles left with their heads held high after making it through the group stages into the final 16. However, after a tough final match, they eventually bowed out of the competition, vowing to return next year to progress even further and raise even more money for this brilliant charity.

The Invincibles Studio family are proud of the team and how they contributed to rising much needed funds for a very important cause.

The Team from left to right:
Glen Ratcliffe
Phil Jepson
Chris Gore
Iain Hepburn
Conor Evans
Kieran Fitzgerald