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Meet Sonny, Senior 3D Artist

Welcome back to the Invincibles Studio employee spotlight! Today, we sat down with our Senior 3D Artist and one of our top creative powerhouses Sonny Meek. We spoke to him about his journey to working at Invincibles Studio and about how he’s been getting on since he joined the company.


Before coming to work with us at Invincibles Studio, Sonny actually ran his own company that made indie games, having always been interested in 3D graphics since an early age. One game in particular made over two million in lifetime sales!


What inspired you to get involved in game development?


“When I was very little – 5 or 6 maybe, my dad had this computer called an Acorn. It was just a keyboard that you hooked up to your TV. It could barely play chess and text adventure games. To me it was like magic, and a few years later I got my hands on Doom and from then on I knew I wanted to work in the games industry.”


How has your experience been since joining the company?


“I think the people you work with can make or break how you get on at a company. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier in that regard. The people I work with daily are all great. They’ve always got time for your opinions and feedback, and are always up for a laugh.”


What has been your favourite part of working at Invincibles Studio?


“One thing that I appreciate a lot working here is the creative freedom it allows. Managers are always open to feedback, and this is something that is usually quite rare in the industry.”


What do you do outside of work?


“The usual boring stuff – listen to music, read books, play games. However, I do tend to work on personal projects often, and that’s another reason why I enjoy what I do so much. It’s something I like doing even in my own time.”


Favourite animal?



A huge thanks to Sonny for taking the time to sit down & chat to us about his journey into 3D art!