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SM 23 Booming

Invincibles Studio have had a superb 2022 and are delighted to share some of their headline figures from their most successful launch within the SM series to date.

SM 22, launched in September 2021, achieved a total of 6.95 million downloads across the year. SM23, launched in September 2022, achieved 4.47 million downloads in the first 84 days following its launch and as of January 2023, the game has been downloaded over 5.5 million times, with projections of a total of 10 million downloads for this iteration. 

The figures speak for themselves!

Additionally, Invincibles Studio are delighted with the records broken so far with SM23:

  • 1 million users logged in over 4 days (previous record 9 days).
  • 1 million hours of gameplay were completed in 6 days (previous record 10 days).
  • 1 million matches were played in 6 hours (previous record 13 hours).

SM23 is booming and the Invincibles team are delighted that their hard work has come into fruition.